We accomplish while innovating

Philosofish R&D

In Philosofish we are very kin to learn and accelerate our know-how and for this reason, we are in collaboration with leading academics and partners focusing on diverse types of projects.

Our R&D team works closely with all operating units, aiming to improve the quality and the nutritional value of final products and increase sustainability indexes and efficiency of production.

Philosofish has a dedicated trial farm where all new ideas are implemented on a small scale and results are monitored in detail. R&D looks for new technologies and innovations in the market for testing in commercial conditions at all operating units.

Our Genetics program

Philosofish has created a project for selective breeding and works intensively to improve 3 major Mediterranean marine species. Our breeding program is performed in close collaboration with a scientific external partner, aiming to increase food production output, growth efficiency, but also to improve the health and well-being of our fish. We use high-tech breeding techniques to create robust, healthy fish, and improve fillet quality. .