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Sea Bass

An iconic Mediterranean fish, the European sea bass has pinkish flesh when raw and cooks up to an opaque white color. Also known as Sea Dace, Branzino, Spigola, Loup de Mer, Lubina and Robalo this is the most popular Mediterranean fish in the USA and the UK due to its versatility and excellent taste. Sweet and delicate, the finely textured, flaky flesh is lean with mild flavor.

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Sea Bream

Flatter and taller than the sea bass, with a single, un-notched dorsal fin and an oblong body, the sea bream is one of the most popular fish in the Mediterranean diet. It is also one of the least susceptible types of fish to variations in water temperature and salinity—an ideal candidate for aquaculture.

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Easily recognizable due to its characteristic blue spots, reddish back and silvery-pink color, Pagrus Major is one of the most impressive fish in both looks and flavor. It is a demersal fish, which means that it lives close to the seabed, or in shallower waters, at depths ranging from 30 to 300 meters.

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Often found at greater depths, meagre is a fish that can grow up to 2 meters. Its pearly-silver coloration and firm- fleshy meat texture make it the ideal raw material for cooking and stimulating the creativity of every chef. Being rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and phosphorus meagre is the perfect source of nutrients for both children and adults.

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Philosofish fish benefits:

It’s widely considered that eating fish is beneficial to one’s health.

However, the extent to which a diet consisting of regular portions of fish can improve one’s life is often overlooked.

fish benefits
Protein of high biological value: helps retain our body mass, improve digestion and boost our immune system
fish benefits
Amino acids: these cannot be produced by our body alone
fish benefits
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids: decrease cholesterol, reduce chances of heart disease, aid brain development and reduce incidence of asthma in children
fish benefits
Natural anti-inflammatories