Often found at greater depths, meagre is a fish that can grow up to 2 meters. Its pearly-silver coloration and firm- fleshy meat texture make it the ideal raw material for cooking and stimulating the creativity of every chef. Being rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and phosphorus meagre is the perfect source of nutrients for both children and adults.

Whole Fish

Farmed with care, harvested with respect

We raise our fish in pristine, deep waters, always assuring their health and welfare within an environment with reduced levels of stress. Our harvesting and packaging units are only a few minutes away, meaning that when you order your fish from Philosofish, you will always get the most fresh and pure product.

2000-3000 g, 3.000-4.000 g, 4.000 g +


Shelf life: 14 days


Storage conditions on ice: 0˚-4˚C

Box size: 6 kg
Box dimensions: 498 x 298 x 152 cm (lid thickness: 20 cm)

Pallet dimensions:
100 x 120 cm

Boxes per each line:
8 boxes

Lines per pallet: 12
(96 boxes per pallet)