Sustainable way of fish farming

At our farm, responsible farming is more than just a buzzword. It encompasses a holistic approach to ensure that our products are not only natural, but also sustainable and ethical. This means going beyond the mere use of natural methods and involves reducing the use of antibiotics and responsibly sourcing feed to protect the environment. We also place great importance on animal welfare and treat our employees equally and fairly. Additionally, we maintain positive relationships with the communities surrounding us, as we believe in preserving and nurturing these important connections.

Our commitment to responsible farming is reflected in our ASC certification, which represents a promise to a better future. We understand that a sustainable and ethical approach is the only way forward, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our farm plays a positive role in shaping this future. By upholding the highest standards of responsible farming, we can create a much fairer

2.5 tons of ASC certified production

Our farms in Ag. Serafeim and Tapies, located in Fthiotida, boast a diverse population of bass and bream in various sizes, reflecting the natural and sustainable way in which we raise our fish. While the availability of our fish can vary throughout the year, we remain committed to meeting the needs of our key customers by implementing a solid stock plan during specific periods.

At our farms, we prioritize the well-being of our fish and are dedicated to providing them with a natural environment that allows them to thrive. We recognize that our customers value high-quality, sustainably-raised fish, and our commitment to responsible farming practices ensures that we meet these expectations.

By carefully managing our stock levels and continuously improving our farming techniques, we are able to maintain a steady supply of fish that meet the needs of our customers while also upholding our commitment to sustainability and responsible farming.

Krifo Limani, Rodas, Anemomilos
Kalogiros, Vasili Rema
Ag. Serafeim